The Perfect Long Stemmed Rose

How To Choose The Perfect Long Stemmed Rose Bouquet For That Special Someone

Long stemmed roses are very elegant and graceful. This is what makes them the perfect gift for that special someone. This type of rose is best arranged in a vase. This will A long stem rose makes a romantic giftgive it a better presentation. You can also have them delivered in a floral box. This is very elegant and is sure to make a huge impact.

If you know anything about roses you know they represent two things. Wealth and true love. The average rose has a stem that is 6 inches long. Because of this roses have to be pruned and cultivated in a certain way. Here are a few things you should look for when choosing the perfect long stemmed rose for that special someone.

Stem Size

You may be surprised to know this but some roses have stems that are 6 inches tall. If the stems are this tall you will need to get a special vase to hold them. If you don’t want to give an arrangement that will take up a ton of space consider choosing roses with shorter stems.

Bouquet Size

Another thing you should look at is the bouquet size. The size of the bouquet refers to the number of roses you want to give. If you are trying to make a subtle statement go large bouquets of flowers with roseswith just one rose. It may not seem like much but trust me it is very powerful. If you are trying to send a more dramatic statement, send a dozen roses! Or if you really want to make a big impression send three dozen. If you send several dozen roses you are making a big bold statement that cannot be ignored.

Rose Colors

What color rose do you wish to send? This is very important as different rose colors have different meanings. If you are choose the right rose coloursending roses to someone you are in love with go with the deep red roses. They are the symbol of love and affection. When choosing a color you really need to think about the recipient. What colors do they like? You can send a variety of different messages with different colored roses.

For instance, if you are just looking for a way to say thank you go with pink roses. If you just want to say thank you for your friendship go with yellow roses. create your own messageYou can also mix various colors to create your own message. Be as creative as you want. Either way, when someone gets roses it will bring a smile to their face.

Vase Style

The last thing you need to look for is the style of vase you will use. If you are giving just one rose no vase will be needed. If however, you will be sending a dozen or two you roses look great in a vasewill need to pick a vase. There are a ton of different types of vase you can choose from. Try to choose a vase that will show off just how beautiful the roses are. Avoid getting anything that will take away attention from the roses.

You can also choose to have the roses delivered in a floral gift box. This is a great option if you will be sending roses to someone who already has a vase. No matter what option you choose just be sure you send the freshest roses possible.